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AAC Panels and Blocks



With decades of experience and sales in over 100 different AAC plants in 50 countries on 6 different continents, Aircrete Europe is the recognized global leading developer and manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) machinery and technology for the production of AAC panels and blocks.

With our corporate headquarters, operations and the manufacturing sites in Oldenzaal (the Netherlands), we design and deliver the most innovative turn-key AAC plants and cutting-edge plant technology around the world. Being the long-term, exclusive project partner for our customers, we guide you through all the steps of planning, building and operating your AAC factory. We are a full technology partner, not just a machine supplier, resulting in maximum value creation for our customers.

Aircrete Building System consists of standard-sized panels of different use; such as floor panels, load-bearing wall panels, roof panels, partition panels, cladding panels and lintels. Precise product dimensions, ease of handling and lightweight result in direct time and cost savings in construction.


• Complete Product Portfolio
• Flexible and Efficient Production Process
• Superior Product Quality
• Energy Efficient Plant Operation
• Energy Efficient Plant Operation
• Simplified Machine Infraestructure
• Large Format, Fast and Easy Building System
• Fire & Natural Disaster resistence product

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