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Paint Cans


Heavy Lifting & Vacuum Handling Solutions



Aerolift is worldwide known for its customized lifting solutions. We aim to optimise efficiency and safety in heavy lifting operations! Our years of experience in many different industries allows our lifting specialists to understand the situation and think along to come up with the best fitting solution.

Unlike what is often thought, materials do not need to be perfectly flat. Also round and even architectural shapes can easily be handled by vacuum technology.

Aerolift’s vacuum lifters are able to lift steel plates of more than 45 tons by temperatures up to 200˚C! When talking about concrete molds, tubes, plates or any other special geometry, we are able to lift and turn very heavy elements in one movement. In addition, concrete products can already be demoulded after 8 to 10 hours.


• Precast Concrete
• Pipeline
• Tunneling
• Metal
• Paper Rolls
• Wind Energy Industry

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