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Star Bentonite, with its more than thirty years of experience in the underground excavation market, is focused on the quality and high performance of its products, in addition to seeking the highest standards of competitiveness in the international market.
Able to develop and supply a wide range of bentonite mixtures specifically designed for each application, Star Bentonite has proven to be a key partner in the most diverse excavation processes, offering a range of solutions that meet from the simplest to the most complex applications. terrain conditions.


• STARBENT 500 – Natural Sodium Bentonite;
• STARBENT 700 – Sodium Bentonite specially developed for the construction of Columns and Diaphragm Walls;
• STARBENT HLM – With colloidal action, it is indicated for soils that require greater stability;
• STARVIS HVP – Synthetic polymer that provides greater support for deep foundations and related applications;
• STARCEL HVP – High density, water-soluble synthetic polymer with a granular shape, suitable for deep foundations and directional holes.

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