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Rapid Impact Compaction - RIC



BSP developed an unique method to improve loose soils, by the dynamic compaction with fast blows. The rapid impact compactors are efficient to treat up to 6m depth, with improvement observed into layers up to 10m from surface. The drop weight hits a special helmet, with about 40 to 60 blows rate, transmitting the energy in a very efficient way to the substrate layers. This helmet stands all time in contact with the soil, making the Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) a controlled and safe compaction technique.


• Complete control by the excavator cabin;

• Drop-weights of 5-16 tons for mounting on excavators of 30-95 tons of operating weight;

• Recording the Data Log of impact energy and achieved compression;

• Soil Treatment 2-8 meters deep;

• No need of cranes. Equipment with high mobility;

• GPS monitoring system as an optional.

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