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Software and Sensors for Geotechnical Monitoring.



VMT GmbH was founded in 1994 to bring taylormade solutions, services and topographic monitoring systems to the construction industry. With experience in several countries, VMT develops market-recognized technologies and software for monitoring soil and surface structures. aiming to avoid accidents and structural damage.
Allied to the geotechnical control equipment and structural stability control of the also German Glötzl, which for over 50 maintains an intense dialogue with everything that moves, with varied applications such as reservoirs, tunnels, bridges, mines or foundations.
From the earliest moments of instrumentation and geotechnical monitoring, we are present when it comes to measuring and processing of physical quantities and static controls in works.


• MODUS: Real-time monitoring system for structures and soils;
• HQ, SQ, IQ sensors;
• Portable equipment;
• Programs and servers;
• Data collect;
• Geotechnical accessories.

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