+ 50 YEARS


HLT –  Short for Hochleistung in German – translates into English the main feature of our mentality:  High Performance.

We are the exclusive representatives in Latin America and Europe of renowned international manufacturers for the following sectors:  Tunnel Construction,  Foundations and Railway Solutions. 


HLT focuses primarily on engineering solutions with equipment, systems and components for infrastructure projects. Since its foundation, its ability to fulfill from the simplest to the most complex demand arises from the expertise of its main executives.   Both are respectively the second and third generation of two families that act in the Construction Sector for more than half a century, and, by different pathways, have participated, and keep participating in important projects of Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Energy, which have driven the development and progress of the countries of this region. 


Among   the   many   projects, we   can   mention:

1965 - Ponte Rio-Niterói | RJ
1972 - Aeroporto do Galeão | RJ
1975 - Hidrelétrica de Itaipú | PR
1976 - Metrô do RJ | RJ
1979 - Complejo Hidroeléctrico Colbón | Chile
1987 - Túnel Cidade Jardim | SP
1988 - Metrô de SP Linhas 1, 2 e 3 | SP
1990 - Túnel Sebastião Camargo | SP
1992 - Rodovia Ayrton Senna | SP
1992 - Metrô de Lisboa | Portugal
1992 - Túnel Ayrton Senna | SP
1994 - Hidrelétrica Serra da Mesa | GO
1995 - Rodovia dos Imigrantes | SP
1995 - Hidrelétrica Porto Primavera | PR
2000 - Metro de Caracas | Venezuela

With this important curriculum on its DNA, HLT counts nowadays with a highly trained staff of professionals to identify opportunities, to fulfill complex and technical commercial demands, and to provide an excellent after-sales support to its clients, thus acting as a true "hub" among leading manufacturers, who want to develop their commercial network in the region and in the most different customers, both in Latin America and in Europe.




Support our customers efficiently, providing engineering solutions, equipment, products and services with high performance and quality, always seeking a long term relationship.




Provide complete solutions to our customers during pre-sale, sale and after sale. Achieving extraordinary levels of relationship, partnership and trust with them, growing in a sustainable, ethical and responsible manner.




• Ethic


• Proactivity


• Efficiency


• Customer focus


• Commitment


• Sustainability